SAP Fiori Guidelines - Tables

Introduction to SAPUI5 Tables

Having problems choosing the right SAPUI5 table control to use in your application? This post will help you decide on choosing the right control.

If you search the SAP Fiori Guidelines website for the keyword “tables” you will come up with these results:

SAP Fiori Guidelines - Tables
SAP Fiori Guidelines – Tables

Based on this, you will instantly be bombarded which control to use. Having minimal background on what these tables do and what are they really for can make or break your application’s user experience.
So I took the liberty to come up with a summary with a decision-making guide for developers into choosing the right table.

SAPUI5 Table Comparison

FeatureResponsive TableAnalytical TableGrid TableTree Table
Default tableYesNoNoNo
Various control supportManyLimitedLimitedLimited
Focus on line itemsYesNoNoNo
Focus on cellsNoYesYesYes
Focus on item selectionYesNoNoNo
Multi-platform supportAllDesktop and TabletDesktop and TabletDesktop and Tablet
# of rows< 1000> 1000> 1000> 1000
Focus on comparison of itemsNoYesNoYes
Display total sumYesNoNoNo
No analytical binding, but need analytical displayNoNoYesNo

There are few takeaways in this comparison:

  • Always favor responsive table for basic display.
  • Do not use responsive tables for complex data
  • If you’re showing overview, a large volume of data, use charts instead.
  • If you’re showing field-value pairs, use forms instead.
  • Use appropriate table base on your target device.


Remember, always to consider what is the user’s main goal or task for the table, from there apply the appropriate type of control based on the comparison above.

If you think you need mo help on finding the right control, check my post about SAPUI5 controls. Don’t forget to comment and share this post with your friends. 🙂

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