5 tools every SAPUI5 developers should know

Having a hard time to start developing or coding your SAPUI5 application? Don’t know where to start or what to look for? In today’s post, I will share my personal process on developing SAPUI5 application. From development, to research and application.

SAP gave us mouthful of resources as our go to for SAPUI5 development, but personal I find most of these tools scattered around and somewhat challenging for beginners to understand.
Especially when you are new to a project, you don’t know how to find the correct resources and where to look for these gem of references.
Normally, my personal process involves the following elements:

  • SAPUI SDK Website
  • A tab of SAPUI5 Explored
  • A tab of SCN Website
  • A piece of paper
  • My personal SAPUI5 cheat sheet

The Breakdown

SAPUI5 SDK Website

This site is your default API, it contains the general and technical information needed to complete a SAPUI5 application. From sample projects to best practices etc.


SAPUI5 Explored

This is a subset from the SAPUI5 SDK Website. My flow usually is to search for a specific control on SDK website and check the actual output on Explored. In this way i can straightforward check if that control is useful for me or not. It also contains downloadable sample code which is a very good starting point for proof of concept.

SAPUI5 Explored
SAPUI5 Explored

SAP Community

So aside from the technical stuff, you also need bug fixing, guide, and new perspective of tackling SAPUI5 requirements. This is where the community helps a lot. I usually follow some people, which will be discuss later, or save some blog post as future reference.



Nothing beats a good old piece of paper as source of idea. It helps with layout and drafting, to pseudo code and process diagram.

Cheat Sheet

I personal love a cheat sheet as my quick reference document. This is for your development guidelines and standard, so the application adheres to your team’s setup and standard.

Where to find them?

Did you know that you can actually switch version of explored and SDK? try accessing the URL below:


to access a different version:


You can view all the alternative versions of SAPUI5 here:



So how often do I follow this process and reference. the answer is a big ALWAYS. consistency is very important, but you also need to be flexible enough. So building a habit on checking these references opens up different source of knowledge for you.

The People

Like any skill or talent, you need someone to follow initial before you can break grounds. I would highly recommend these two:
Masayuki Sekihara – He focuses on general Fiori and SAPUI5 knowledge.

Jerry Wang – He focuses a lot on debugging SAPUI5.

I hope the list above help you streamline your process on developing your applications. It may vary according to your preference on how to manage things, but in general this is a good starting point to find what is comfortable to you. I highly suggest you build your own method or flow, at the end of the day it’s our practices that get things done.

If you like this post, feel free to share, or let me know what you think and do leave a comment below. 🙂

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