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Common Error: Failed to load UI5 component for navigation intent

Ever encountered an error regarding navigation intent? In this post, we’ll discuss one of the most common errors on a component for navigation intent.

The Problem

One of the common problems for navigation intent is related to component navigation intent.

App could not be opened either due to an incorrect SAP Fiori launchpad configuration or a missing role assignment.
Failed to resolve navigation target “#object1-action1”. This is most likely caused by an incorrect SAP Fiori launchpad content configuration or by a missing role assignment.

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Root Cause Analysis

If we drill-down the error provided by SAPUI5, we can see there’s 2 possible root cause:

  • incorrect SAP Fiori launchpad configuration
  • missing role assignment

Incorrect SAP Fiori Launchpad Configuration

To go further, let’s create a sample project on SAP Web IDE, or you can visit this tutorial for the detailed creation of the SAPUI5 project.

Template Project
Template Project

Out of the box, the template project will run as expected. But how can we replicate this navigation intent error in this scenario?


To replicate navigation intent errors, open the run configuration of your project.

Run Configurations
Run Configurations

Then, open or create SAP Fiori Launchpad Sandbox configuration setup.

Run Configurations - Fiori Sandbox
Run Configurations – Fiori Sandbox

This will open up the General tab. Click the next tab, URL Components, and scroll down to URL Hash Fragments.

URL Hash Fragment
URL Hash Fragment

Enter the intent value for testing. Then click Save and Run.


You should be able to replicate the error of navigation intent.


From the above, we found out that one possible root cause is improper parameters on our URL Hash Fragment. Since the component tries to load the correct route base on the parameters, but unable to find matching routes.

Buy how this is related to Fiori Launchpad Configuration?

Remember, that in the Fiori Launchpad Admin page, users must specify intent parameters, which is very similar to what we did.

Semantic Object
Semantic Object

Credits to Masayuki on this post.

Missing Role Assignment

Aside from the incorrect parameters, there’s also a possibility that this is role-related.

On cloud platform applications, additional parameters can be added to manifest.json.

    "welcomeFile": "index.html",
    "authenticationMethod": "none",
    "routes": [
        // .....

This authenticationMethod filters access to certain routes, which causes the navigation intent error.


To sum it up, always check your URL hash fragment parameters and configuration. Moreover, check if you assigned the proper roles to your application.

I hope this post helped you clarify some of the issues related to navigation intent. If you like this post don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment below. Also, check out some of our recent posts here.

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